ECSEL: Ensemble of CSE Ladies
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General Contact Info

All email addresses at (in italics).

Any mail for the entire group should be sent to ecsel-moderator, so it can be forwarded on.

Other questions can be sent to the appropriate officer (or any officer). Or feel free to talk to us in the hallway!

We also have a mailing list (grad-ecsel) as well as a facebook page (requires a umich email address associated with your account).


Lizzie Mamantov Lizzie Mamantov
Lynn Garrett Lynn Garrett
Contact: grad-ecsel-chair
Jeeheh Poh Jeeheh Poh
Meixing Dong Meixing Dong
Corporate/External Relations
Lanlan Liu Lanlan Liu
Zaina Hamid Zaina Hamid
Contact: grad-ecsel-corporate
Mailing List
Akhila Rallapalli Akhila Rallapalli
Sanae Rosen Sanae Rosen