ECSEL: Ensemble of CSE Ladies
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About us

ECSEL, the Ensemble of CSE Ladies, is a group to support graduate women students in CSE at the University of Michigan. We aim to foster a sense of community among graduate women, support members' academic and career development, help incoming graduate students adapt and thrive in CSE, and generally enable a great graduate experience for our members.

We hold get-togethers, study sessions, talks, workshops, or any other events members of the group find useful. We also share useful resources through our mailing list and this website, and encourage you to use our mailing list to share any useful tips or ask questions.

Ultimately, the goal of this group is to support CSE ladies, so we welcome any other ideas on how this group can help you. We encourage you to get involved, whether by attending events, organizing something, or just signing up to our mailing list!